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A Baby Quilt in the Making...

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

Since being pregnant, I've had the itch to start sewing and creating again. I knew I wanted to design a quilt for baby Judah using cheerful greens and yellows. I love the scrappy look and so I scoured Etsy for the most vibrant and fun fabrics I could find and came up with this design using the new Electric Quilt 8 software Ryan got for me (a multitude of thanks, love!):

As a side note, I really enjoyed using the EQ8 software for the first time. I was able to upload the fabric into the software to get an idea of how the colors would work together. You can't see much detail of the fabric design within each fabric, but I'm guessing it's user error-I probably could have found higher resolution swatches from the web. That didn't matter as much though, because I just wanted to see how cohesive the fabrics were together.

As I set out for the easiest way to cut and piece this design together, you will be able to tell that my actual blocks are a little different (and actually scrappier-YAY!) than the original design that I put together:

I'm happy that my quilt math turned out alright after piecing the two foundational blocks for this pattern together-it has been awhile since I've had to work my brain that hard!! Two blocks down, only 14 more to go ;)

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