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A New Year

Welcome, 2022!

In the final moments of 2021, I really pondered what I wanted my 2022 to look like. And while I kept refining physical goals regarding health, home, and creativity, a thought surfaced that felt like the driving force behind it all and that was "let 2022 be the year that I become comfortable with discomfort."

Far too often I find myself caught up in long periods of passiveness. I'm sure you know the type I'm talking about. Something happens to catch you off guard, you press "Survival Mode" and before you know it, you've been drifting on autopilot for days, weeks, or even months.

Life happens and survival mode is sometimes necessary, but it's not meant to be permanent. It can leave one feeling the victim of the world's fleeting fortunes and misfortunes, and cause one to forget that we do have choices of infinite importance that lay ahead at every moment.

Often in survival mode, I find myself neglecting the hard things, forsaking them for small, depreciating comforts, and in the long run, I find myself passing on Joy (I don't know whether as a result of personal shame that leads to self inflicted punishment or maybe just a temporary spiritual blindness?).

But I refuse to stay sedated by fear.

We don't realize how much fear runs the show- from the silliest things to the most Eternal (really, it's all Eternally important, especially the things we deem silly!)

It's high time to walk by faith and not by sight, letting perfect Love cast out all of the fears that control our lives. It's time to live life where every breath is a prayer, every act (no matter how shaky, clumsily, inadequately performed) is done in love. These sacred temples are beloved and house the Holy Spirit and He is more than ready to answer anyone who calls upon His name.

As children of God, we have instant access to the richest inheritance:










All, in endless supply.

So, my friends, I hope in this New Year we can make better use of such lavish gifts!

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