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A Prayer for Rest

Dear God,

Reorient my life towards a Holy Rhythm.

May I seek to dwell in your presence from the moment I awake.

I pray my eyes never miss Your goodness, Your mercies, Your steadfast love abounding all around.

My hope is that the song in my heart is always glorifying You.

Lead me into Your rest by obedience to the Holy Spirit.

I pray I do not fall into restless toil, that I trust in You as my Provider. Because You are my Father, I know You give good things to Your children that they don't even deserve, and far exceeds what they could ever imagine.

On the seventh day, You, our Almighty Creator, rested from Your work and called it *Holy*.

-How much more will I, created in Your image, gain from resting?

So please, help me to find comfort in Your rod and staff, and lead me to the quiet waters that refreshes my soul and allows me to delight in the table You have prepared for me!

Thank you for being gentle and humble in heart and steadfast in Your love.

You are the haven that allows me to lay down in peace and dwell in safety.

May I dwell and delight in Your presence forever!


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