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Art Gallery Fabrics Winnings :D

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, Art Gallery Fabrics was hosting a giveaway for all of its followers on Instagram. The task was to take a photo of your pet with a project that you made from their material, so I enlisted Shorty. He, of course, will do anything to have me lavish him with love while snuggled up on a quilt ;)

Out of all of the entries, AGF fell in love with Shorty laying on the quilt that I made, and we won!!

I won a set of 20 fat quarters, that they specially curated for me. Their social media manager was so sweet in her correspondence- telling me that she went through my Instagram feed and put together fabric that she thought I would really like. And let me say...she knows my taste better than I do! They have always been my favorite fabric company, and this whole experience sealed that for me. They are an innovative and interactive company with some of the most beautiful designs. Enough of that...I'm sure you'd love to see the goods ;)

Shorty says, "Feeling kinda cute. Might sew with these later."

With that face, how could he not win all of the photo contests?!

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