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Desiring Meekness

This past Spring I was in a Half Price Books and ran across a beautiful leather bound copy of George MacDonald's Knowing the Heart of God. I have been wanting to dip my toes in his work, and this seemed perfect.

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I greatly treasure CS Lewis' works above almost any of my other books. I had read so much over the years of the great impact that MacDonald had on Lewis' imagination and so naturally, I wanted to explore my master's master ;)

This book has been a wonderful study to complement my daily bible readings. It is broken into sections regarding different topics about God's character and our relationship and obedience to His calling in our lives. I love the unique collection of his writings contained in this volume because it includes his essays on the topic, poetry and often has one or two excerpts from his fictional works showcasing his theological beliefs. I am deeply moved by his style of writing because it is filled with so much imagery that opens my mind to the full depth and breadth of the character of God and the teachings of Christ.

I wanted to share the opening poem from today's chapter because this topic on meekness (entitled The Heir of the Earth) isn't something that I have thought too deeply about or was cognizant of developing in my day to day living.

It is older English, but I encourage you to take the time to read/process and soak it in because it has the perfect imagery regarding what it means to be meek and inherit the Earth (maybe even pray it aloud for full effect!):

A quiet heart, submissive, meek,

Father, do thou bestow,

Which more than granted, will not seek

To have, or give, or know.

Each little hill then holds its gift

Forth to my joying eyes;

Each mighty mountain then doth lift

My spirit to the skies.

Lo, then the running water sounds

WIth gladsome, secret things!

The silent water more abounds,

And more the hidden springs.

Live murmurs then the trees will blend

With all the feathered song;

The waving grass low tribute lend

Earth's music to prolong.

The sun will cast great crowns of light

On waves that anthems roar;

The dusky billows break at night

In flashes on the shore.

Each harebell, each white lily's cup,

The hum of hidden bee,

Yea, every odor floating up

The insect revelry---

Each hue, each harmony divine

The holy world about.

Its soul will send forth into mine,

My soul to widen out.

And thus the great earth I shall hold,

A perfect gift of thine;

Richer by these, a thousandfold,

Than if broad lands were mine.

As a person who loves nature and the way it reflects God's glory, this poem deeply spoke to me. Here is all of the beauty of the Earth, a gift to those who stop to stand in the presence of God. Whenever I am feeling discontent, frustrated, anxious, often all it takes is being with God in His creation to be reminded that I have all that I need right here and now, with Him as my Father, holding my heart's hand.

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