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Don't Be Precious About It

"If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing badly." -GK Chesterton

I recently listened to an interview with JK Rowling where she discussed writing her books while being a single mother in poverty. One thing that she said, that greatly encouraged me, was that being a mother in her circumstance really pushed her to not be "precious" about her work. She didn't have the privilege of having the "just right" environment for writing and she had many constraints on her life. She even laughed about one time writing a paragraph of the Harry Potter books while on the loo at a public place- she didn't care. She just wrote. And she didn't do it at the sacrifice of her daughter's wellbeing either.

It gives me hope, when many days, I'm driving my toddler around in the car because it's the only place he will nap now and then pulling off once he is asleep to draw or write.

If you are a creative and feel like you aren't allowed to create due to other responsibilities (and that truly can be possible and the best for a period of time) you can find ways to express yourself, you just can't be "precious" about it.

I hope this encourages you.

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