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For Memory's Sake...

Can I just say how much I LOVE being a mother?! Especially to this boy! He is not a baby anymore. He is growing by leaps and bounds and his personality delights us every single day.

He is:

+ a snuggle bug.

+ Clark Griswold. He LOVES having the whole family together.

+ ALWAYS on the move

+ a lover of music. His favorite song right now is the Hot Dog Dance from Mickey Mouse. He dances to music whenever it comes on, throwing his hand up in the air.

+ an adorer of dogs... Much to our dogs' dismay LOL

+ a great imitator. Any new sound, funny word, or expression we make, he has to as well.

+ a comedian. He loves being the center of attention and making people laugh. He feigns modesty with the cutest shy smile but continues on in his antics anyways.

We had a lot of great memories with family this Christmas! Some of my favorite where the ones that just the three of us shared:

+ It snowed so much Christmas Eve that we didn't make it to Ryan's parents' house. So we snuggled in by the fire, watching Elf. I wasn't feeling well and Ryan took care of us, making us pizza and brownies! We let Judah stay up as late as he wanted- it was the perfect cozy evening in.

+ Christmas morning was so special. Judah got into opening his presents. We got him a stuffed Grogu, Mandalorian Dark Sabre, and rocket launcher. We taught him the word Grogu and he will often chant it as he carries him around. I was feeling well so I made chocolate donuts!! I am so thankful I had the strength to make then because I want to create a lot of Christmas traditions over the coming years <3

+ the day after Christmas, I attended my first online book club meeting with some of the sweetest Bookstagram friends and it was SO much fun!! They are some of the most delightful people I have ever met.

+ I got to see my cousin, Garrett, for the first time in three years and he got to meet Judah!

+ We got some VERY thoughtful gifts in the mail. People have been so generous and sweet throughout everything, it truly has been humbling and inspiring.

+ I sent Christmas cards this year! This was my first year doing so, and I had so much fun writing notes to our loved ones.

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