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In Which I am Pro-life AND Compassionate Towards Women

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Being a pro-life conservative, I am often accused of being compassion-less towards women.

There could actually be nothing further from the truth! When I advocate for the preborn, I am simultaneously advocating for their mothers. For at the moment of conception, their souls are forever linked.

As the blood of their lifeless bodies cry out from the ground at such an injustice, the conscience of the mother forever hears that call.

We may rebel against God’s design for a woman, by claiming He isn’t there or that if He is, He is actually less than what He says He is- but by doing so, we still won’t escape the natural consequences of such rebellion. I say this not to inflict imagery of a God waiting and ready to cast His thunderbolts but to bring to light the fact that He is our Creator- He most intimately knows what our bodies and emotions can handle and going outside of these limits puts us in unprotected, enemy territory.

As a woman, and a mother, I now understand that the deepest instinct currently running through my veins is to protect my baby- at all costs. When my imagination runs wild of everything that could go wrong, I feel in the deepest part of my bones that if I were ever to perform the impossible it would all be for the sake of saving my son’s life.

I know that this instinct is even greater than infinite amounts of self produced love for him. It is proven by the fact of how I can see myself in two exact situations minus one detail- fighting for the life of the person I love the most (my husband) and fighting for the life of my son. Although I would try everything in my power to save my husband’s life from whatever harm that may come to him, it is not in my design to protect him- any abilities that I had to so may be floundered by my fears. Whereas with my child, it is instinctual that of course I would give my life at a moment’s notice to save his. This abandonment of a person’s own life allows them to plunge any depths to save the other’s.

And when a man is screamed at that this is not their issue- it most definitely is! As much as it is in my design as a woman to protect my child, it’s even more so in a man’s design to protect any and all weakness- both the vulnerable children and their scared mothers with nowhere to turn. That is why a man is given so much more physical power, because harnessed with compassion, they can defend and protect- bravely laying down their lives if the need arises.

It is not that I am unaware at the costs of carrying a child and being a mother- my pregnancy was the most difficult experience I’ve ever gone through. I maybe had one month between where my extreme nausea ended and my debilitating pelvic congestion began. But now that I know the joy that awaited me on the other side of that trial, I would not hesitate a Groundhog Day of pregnancy continuum to keep this baby boy here on Earth with me.

A baby’s life taken at the hands of its mother goes against every metaphysical law composed of that woman. For that reason, I’m imploring all women to go through what is hard now to avoid something of even greater difficulty later.

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