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Justice for Every Individual

Updated: Aug 24

I’m afraid, dear friends, that in our efforts to promote equality we have brought about inequality. We have stirred the pot and it is seething with our angry social media posts, our growing inflammation and agitation towards our closest friends, and trappings of a life of victimhood.

I am not for what they currently call social justice. I do need to state outright though that I absolutely am for Justice! Just not in its current trajectory. And if you are already angry with me just by those statements, I implore you to read on and see my reasons why.

Social justice disregards the individual and focuses on the group which they belong to. By focusing on factions or groups- justice no longer is justice. It no longer concerns itself with equality, but elevation. It feeds off of the the need of a group to not feel inferior, greedily becoming a means to being superior (because sadly that’s what humans do). It doesn’t stop at equality but demands more in the name of oppression. As an individual takes on the identity of their group as a whole, they start to feel the collective anger of that group which leads to pride, eventually leading to conquest. It creates an environment where any and all demands must be met but in the name of “equality”. Social justice also brings about pressure within the group-if an individual of the group disagrees with anything then they are often scorned and eventually cast aside from that group, for not “furthering the overall cause” no matter what means it is brought about. This is why I am against the ever popular battle for social justice. By elevating one group, you bring down the other which is not the same as justice for all.

I know some readers of my words may be thinking, “but Joellen, there are groups that are targeted by hatred!” Yes...but true individual justice will still serve each individual of that group. By simplifying a person to the group they belong to, you are reducing them to one facet of their being. A person is more than their race, sex, religion, etc.

It’s easy to pursue the route of social justice because it is casting blame on others, rather than taking a deep inward look at our own contribution. Racism, sexism, whatever-ism can all be boiled down to two main ingredients: hatred and pride. By looking at our own affinity towards hatred, we can work on tangible change and be more equipped to deal with each individual case of injustice.

Justice can’t be this elusive thing forever evading us within the ethers, and stirring up strife between people. It must be specific, outlining situations and the people involved if we are going to exact change that has long standing implications in our fight for Justice for All.

If we truly want to be stewards of humanity we should be searching inside of ourselves for our own anger and pride, because we are all adding to this mess. Hatred is not inclusive to a certain group and to try to say so, only stirs up more. It sprinkles itself in our day to day interactions and our darkest thoughts when we are alone at night. Even when we think we are well intentioned in our anger, it gives us the rationalization to act out on it. It’s a vicious cycle that feeds and feeds until we are left with vengeful actions, broken relationships, unauthentic interactions, and vanished individualism.

“...Perceive yourself to be the sole heir of the whole world, and more than so, because men are in it who are every one sole heirs as well as you. Till you can sing and rejoice and delight in God, as misers do in gold, and Kings in scepters, you never enjoy the world.” Thomas Traherne

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