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Latest Creative Endeavors

Hello! I can't believe it is September already. Last week we celebrated Judah's second birthday! What a blessing.

I thought I would make a post sharing what all I have been working on lately. I haven't written as much this summer because my projects are looking a little different these days.

It has become harder for me to ignore some of the dreams that I've harbored for a long time.

One of those things being a published author. This summer I wrote the manuscript for a children's book idea that I got at the beginning of last year. It was a very enjoyable experience- the first story that I completed since becoming an adult. I've also been playing around with the illustrations for the book. This, being one of my initial concept pieces (as background info, the book is about a cricket named Sophie who plays her violin to give people hope):

Working on the illustrations for this book have opened up other dreams- primarily, that of becoming an illustrator. For the longest time, I have wanted to draw and share illustrations but deep rooted insecurities have held me back. I broke through that fear recently and now have been drawing almost every day and posting my completed pieces to a separate Instagram account ( It feels SO good to be free to express myself in this way. I am excited to create more and to come out with new Skillshare classes to help others who are in a similar boat as me- no previous knowledge/experience, little natural talent, and insecurities/self judgement.

Cooking with a toddler around should be considered an Olympic feat ;) I am almost certain many future illustrations will be inspired by Judah and motherhood.

Please be sure to stick around and check out my social media accounts as things (my stories, illustrations, and classes) progress. I very much appreciate everyone's support!

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