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Lovely Things

I wanted to start a "Tumblr-esque" section on my blog in which I just share lovely things. It most likely will be a lot of book quotations and artwork because those are what feed my soul <3

We have been taking a lot of walks lately and it has put me in a Mary Oliver sort of mood. It just so happens that I read this poem after I read the George MacDonald quote that I am also posting and so it makes me happy that they are so related. Just goes to show that God's presence is all around us- working in different times and shaping different imaginations.

I Wake Close to Morning by Mary Oliver

Why do people keep asking to see

God's identity papers

when the darkness opening into morning

is more than enough?

Certainly any god might turn away in disgust.

Think of Sheba approaching

the kingdom of Solomon.

Do you think she had to ask,

"Is this the place?"

Excerpt from George MacDonald's Knowing the Heart of God

"How sad it would be for us all if the world changed as we change, if it grew meaningless when we grow faithless!

...But then at evening--having reflected with ourselves about the day, and having returned to him that feeds the ravens and watches the dying sparrow, and says to his children, 'Love one another'--we find the sunset splendor glad over us, the western sky refulgent as the court of the Father, when the glad news is spread abroad that a sinner has repented.

We have mourned in the twilight of our little faith, but, having sent away our sin, the glory of God's heaven over his darkening earth has comforted us."

We went to my favorite cafe, Harvest Moon, yesterday and it was the finest time!

This past week, I read a book called Mere Motherhood by Cindy Rollins and it was a motherhood memoir where she talked about homeschooling all nine of her children and how much of their time spent together was centered around literacy and nature. It lit a huge fire underneath me. I enjoyed Cindy's writing- wise, humble, and full of wit. I am excited to incorporate more read aloud time in my days with Judah. He hadn't been too keen on me reading to him lately so I was fearful to try for even more but he is really enjoying it now! I am so excited about it that I started an instagram account (@children_of_aslan) documenting our literary adventures!

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