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Lovely Things 10/28/21

It's nice posting on a blog. I'm not under the normal social media constraints or have to play "the game" (is this picture good enough for Instagram? what will my real life friends on Facebook think about me posting this? etc). I have decided to take a break from social media for the rest of the year. I always think I am above its downfalls but I just can't help but feel the need to jump into the rat race from time to time. I'm not against social media and will be back on after a little respite <3

Let me start with this- I have struggled with being a mother this week (it always has its challenges but especially this week). When I sat and really thought and prayed about why things weren't going well I was faced with the fact that it is requiring more than I would like to sacrifice (*rude*).

I'm currently reading a book called For the Children's Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay. It is SO inspiring with how we are raising Judah and how we want to educate him. It's full of grit and grace and is getting me more excited about Charlotte Mason homeschooling ideas.

I am finding that going outside and playing with Judah early in the day is really good for us. Judah has so much energy and curiosity and I feel as though I grow "stale" when I'm inside too long. We regularly walk down to "Grampy's Park" (my parents live just down the road from us) and play and visit with my parents. Outdoor time has also been key for him to get out some wiggles before reading time and *insert the songs of the angels* he is napping in his crib again!!!!

Ryan and I have currently been working on a new Skillshare class. It has been so much fun to have a project with him. He has so much creativity and is an incredible filmmaker. Some days I feel like we meet ourselves coming and going because we are completely exhausted after putting Judah to bed at night. I'm starting to be more aware of the fact that I can't just be giving him the leftovers.

We stayed up really late (for me haha) together one evening last week watching the new Dune movie. We are in love with this new story and characters. I think regular movie (or Frasier, our favorite show) nights with no phone, just snuggles and snacks needs to be a thing for us. Tonight I am introducing him to Howl's Moving Castle. Judah and I have been watching it and it just broke my heart (in all the right ways, of course) as we finished watching it this morning, that I knew I wanted to share it with Ryan too.

So all this to say- less social media, less ambition, and more memories with my two favorite people <3

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Amy Marie
Amy Marie
03 Kas 2021

This sounds wonderful and just-the-ticket! I need to refocus continually over and over again and that's ok.

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