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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my friends! I just wanted to share this lovely poem that I came across in Malcolm Guite's book, Lifting the Veil:

Kenosis* by Lucy Shaw

In sleep his infant mouth works in and out.

He is so new, his silk skin has not yet

been roughed by plane and wooden beam

nor, so far, has he had to deal with human doubt.

He is in a dream a nipple found,

of blue-white milk, of curving skin

and, pulsing in his ear, the inner throb

of a warm heart's repeated sound.

His only memories float from fluid space.

So new he has not pounded nails, hung a door

broken bread, felt rebuff, bent to the lash,

wept for the sad heart of the human race.

I can't help but feel nothing but awe this Christmas, reflecting on what all my savior has done for me (and for you!). I hope and pray you have a Christmas full of love, hope, peace, and joy eternal!

Madonna and Child by Sassoferrato

*kenosis is the Greek word meaning "emptying" <3

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