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New Look

Hello, folks! It's been awhile :)

I've spent the past year healing and I started a new job (I create lesson plans for an after school program) and my beloved blog kind of went to the wayside.

I'm on Summer Break now which means some more downtime to cast visions, work on the home, establish better rhythms, and spend even more time with those I love the most. Creativity and blogging have been heavily on my mind and while productivity in that area has waxed and waned over the past year and a half, my imagination and dreams have not ;)

I am wanting to get back to writing, spending time on home projects outside of staying afloat (I'm sure you fellow mothers know how it is), and grow my skills in the kitchen, garden, at the sewing machine, and in design and illustration. That sounds like a lot, but that's just where my creative A.D.D. likes to take me. This blog is the lovely little twine that brings that all together into the package that is me.

I have been reading and reflecting over the past few months about homemaking and it being the display of my faith and God's goodness in the act of it, so I hope you drop by with your cuppa something hot *or iced* as I document the joys and graces along the way <3

So thanks to all who have read my blog in the past and continue to read it!

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