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Ready to Rock Judah <3

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

"Recover the rocker cushions," I said...

"Shouldn't be hard," Pinterest said...

My sister in law gave us the rocker that she used for all three of her boys. It has been stored in our basement for years and in need of some extra TLC. And although we enjoy creative things, most of the time Ryan and I would rather just buy new than repair/DIY. But it was such a nice rocker with an ottoman we decided it just needed a fresh coat of paint and the cushions recovered.

If there is any part of sewing that I don't really enjoy, it is trying to fit fabric to an odd shape (whether it be the human body or a cushion that isn't just a regular square/rectangle). I struggled the most with fitting the fabric to the old cushions and even in the end, its a little off, but it is finished ;) I also discovered that I didn't have enough fabric to completely cover the ottoman so I had to match the design of two pieces of the fabric together. It's best to always assume that a project will take longer than what you originally imagine it. Once you accept and plan for this, sewing becomes a little less frustrating ;)

I chose a fabric from Pat Bravo's latest fabric line (this design is called Quartz Gold) and I think it adds the perfect pop of sunshine to the nursery. Now that the project is complete, I can't wait for August to arrive when I'll be rocking baby Judah in it :D

Special thanks to my friend, Kate (IG:kwhits13) , who made this special blanket for Judah!

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