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Trust Your Intuition

“Trust your intuition”

That is not something I say hastily. I’m not talking about the mind and its frivolous fancies or about the heart and its deceptive, self-serving leanings. I am talking about a Code of Honor. Honor unto the Lord. Honor unto fellow Man. Honor unto yourself (I know, I know. That one is rather controversial to include in the midst of Christian division between all personality or no personality at all. Let’s just take a moderate view, shall we?!)

Too often, we let self-doubts and insecurities talk us into ignoring Intuition and we end up abandoning good things. We think because we can’t rightly and automatically explain something then it must be riddled with error. Or we may think that because no one understands, then we don’t have permission to entertain such ideas. But a word of warning- this can often be the abyss that Evil rears its ugly head.

These doubts silence us and drive us to unquestioning conformity. And they can strangle the unique purpose that God has placed in each of our lives.

We could conform and be weary the rest of our lives. -Or- we could not conform...and experience the proceeding loneliness. But the resulting loneliness cannot last forever. Goodness always has a way of bringing all of its followers to itself, growing stronger, creating waves, making Eternal impact.

We must simply seek truth and explore it with people who are humble enough to only want truth too- no matter how painful that truth may be. This is how we move forward towards Goodness.

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