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Walking on Water

I don’t dare to walk on water enough.

I hide behind books and theories. A whole lot of thinking but never much doing. I fear failure and uncertainty and therefore find my comfort in knowledge.

Knowledge can bring us closer to the lifeline but it is not The Lifeline. Clinging to knowledge does not enable a person to walk on water- that’s only possible through God.

We are equipped with more wisdom than we often have the faith to access. We know deep down what we must do- it’s actually simple but it is not the easy path. So we go on fretting and wandering about aimlessly, putting off the things we know are right and good, stifling the fruits we are called to cultivate.

Our true hope is in being as close as possible to the source of Wisdom. We can be given the Spirit, if we ask of Him. It is here to vanquish timidity and strengthen us to live a life of love, power, and self control. We need not worry, but be still in the Spirit, knowing that the Father will provide so long as we trust and obey 💗

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1 Comment

Ginger Reed
Ginger Reed
Jun 30, 2021

You are a deep well Joellen. This writing is raw and full of truth. It is apparent that you walk closely with the Spirit of Wisdom, one of the 7 Spirits of God. Love you so much.

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