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Welcome, Friend! 

My name is Joellen. I have a passion for God, homemaking, and stories/story telling. 


You can most often find me with my boys--venturing out for coffee and always craving new food experiences, being surrounded by God’s natural beauty, and haunting Stars Hollow type providences. I also drag them into antique stores and bookshops and they so humbly oblige ;)


I love food and drink and one of my favorite things is being inspired by the restaurants we visit or other cultures that I read about and recreating wholesome, comforting dishes in our home. I am new to gardening, but I plan to add to our flowers and vegetables every year.


I so enjoy literature and art and soaking up as much as I can learn about pretty much everything. I am a writer and illustrator and I deeply enjoy a wide variety of daydreaming, designing, and creating things and new experiences!


You will find quite a mixed bag of things here, but all of it pursued in love! Speaking of which…you can check out my YouTube channel, “Everything with Love”, that my husband helps me film and edit.


Never hesitate to reach out if you feel so inclined :)


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