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His Arrival

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

This past week and a half has been the best of my life. I ended up being induced early Monday morning (8/26) to finally bring baby Judah into the outside world.

With all of the anticipation, I didn’t sleep very much the night before. We arrived at the hospital at 5am and I could not help but feel a supernatural peace for the day. I know that was the power of family and friends’ prayers being lifted up and God’s grace pouring down.

The staff at my bedside were the sweetest, and my husband the cutest bundle of nerves and outpouring of care for me. We spent a lot of the morning listening to The Avett Brothers, Penny & Sparrow, and Iron & Wine as my labor progressed. With the exception of one hour where I had to lay in a weird position to get Judah to turn, the epidural kept me comfortable and I was able to save most of my energy for pushing.

Pushing was exhausting but I was humbled by the medical team and my husband who were there giving me endless support and encouragement. I can’t describe the feeling that I had when the doctor asked me if I wanted to feel Judah’s head as it crowned and it was only surpassed by the moment she brought him out and placed him on my chest.

We ended the day surrounded by all of our family and an unbridled joy about the future <3

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Staci B
Staci B

So happy for you all!💕💕💕

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