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Judah Is One!

My Sunshine Boy,

It has been one sweet year of your big smiles, adventurous spirit, sloppy wet kisses, and entertaining antics. I had no idea how much you would change me. 

Early mornings are easy when I’m greeted by your reach and long stretching smile. 

The world is brand new beneath your inquisitive eyes and it is an honor to be able to explore and delight in it with you. 

You love your food (like only a true Kemper could) and each meal is one of my favorite ways to nourish you in every way your growing body, mind, and soul need. 

Every animal is your friend. You often give the dogs hugs and kisses (much to Shorty’s dismay) and you sleep with your stuffed chicken, Herbert, or Curious George every night. 

I think you may be a story boy like your ma and pa. We read our Bible stories before bed and often snuggle with a bottle in the afternoons while taking in a Disney movie. 

Music is just another extension in which you express your naturally joyful spirit. Whether it be singing, playing with the octaves in your voice, delightedly screaming, or dancing until I think you might give yourself a concussion, I know you feel the beat in that little soul. 

You are an encourager and love to be encouraged. You often clap and on cue, throw your hands up in the air when someone says “yay!” or “woo!”

You have A LOT to say but your favorite words are "mom", "dad", and "tickle, tickle!!"

You often initiate games of peek-a-boo and love entertaining others with your made up noises and gestures. 

You are like your father (in MANY ways) and like to get out. You could spend hours in public places watching people. Social situations that would normally overwhelm other children give you life and you love trying to keep up with all of your older cousins. 

I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store, but could you also stop growing so fast?! 



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