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Letters from Father Christmas

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Letters from Father Christmas is a collection of letters that Tolkien wrote and illustrated each year for his children. It is delightfully charming and wondrously enchanting.

In true Tolkien fashion, he created an immersible world that only got richer in its myth and lore with each passing year. From the big, lovable galoot, Polar Bear, whose help normally equaled disaster Christmas after Christmas. To the Goblins who so often sabotaged Father Christmas' supplies and stock. Tolkien even created a separate language for the Goblins, which Polar Bear enjoyed studying and sharing with the Tolkien children.

His illustrations were magical. They completely enhanced the stories. I have to admit that I'm a little envious of all of his abilities just poured into this one volume. -It also included poetry and quirky calligraphy that represented each character's handwriting.

The love poured into these letters towards his children is the most special part. He had words of encouragement for each of the kids and was thoughtful in his explanations of some of the desperate circumstances of the time (such as WWII) that may have affected Christmas for the kids and the people around them.

This is such a beloved edition to my Tolkien collection.

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