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Tea Towel for Mom

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

I had a memorable weekend! Ryan and I both had three days off and he completely spoiled me for my 30th birthday and first Mother's Day. I had a rough week beforehand- the aches, pains, and insecurities that can come in pregnancy and it seemed he was determined to make this a big weekend of celebration <3 He took me shopping and we ate good food and then he overhauled a couple of our flowerbeds.-They fit right into the cheery little cottage home that I have been envisioning lately.

He is pretty cute <3

I also had a lot of free time for sewing. So I worked on a tea towel to give my momma for Mother's Day. It included my favorite things- patchwork and embroidery. I'm really starting to be drawn towards any sort of hand stitching so it was nice spending my time embroidering from the comfort of my couch and a movie playing in the background (and three clawing dachshunds fighting over the prime lap spot).

I used Aurifil floss and Art Gallery Fabrics linen for the embroidery part. The patchwork was made with Amy Sinibaldi's Paperie fabric line for AGF and the backing was also an AGF print that I had stashed away long ago. As you can tell, I'm a big fan of Art Gallery Fabrics <3.

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