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The Magician’s Nephew

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Just when I couldn’t fathom loving Lewis more, I go and start his Narnia series.

Most probably already know that Aslan the Lion is the image bearer of Christ in this series and I moved through its pages with even more awe and reverence for His majesty. Whether it be the section on the creation of Narnia, Aslan’s gentle confidence, or Aslan’s grace and infinite wisdom, each page brought me closer to the heart of the One to whom Aslan reflected.

One of my favorite quotes of the book really struck a note this Advent season (context: this takes place right after Digory left Narnia and returned to London) : “For the rest of the day, whenever he looked at the things about him, and saw how ordinary and unmagical they were, he hardly dared to hope; but when he remembered the face of Aslan he did hope.”

-As I get older, I have a harder time finding the same magic in Christmas that I once did when I was a child. But then I remember Christ and the beautiful story of the first Christmas many years ago when he came to Earth as a mere baby and it’s implications for eternity. There is such peace in that...That even though my house may be filled with sickness and stress around what is suppose to be the happiest season, I can find infinite joy in Truth and in Love and how it was poured out for me (and for you).

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