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An Honorable Sacrifice

“Those who bring thanksgiving as their sacrifice honor me.” -Psalm 50:23

Sometimes gratitude is a sacrifice, isn’t it?! Laying aside the troubles and worries of our mind in an effort to cultivate thanksgiving, can be a real battle some *okay, most* days.

I read recently that the fruits of the Spirit have to start with a foundation of self-control.

I’ve only known true joy (one of the fruits) when I was practicing gratitude. And sometimes, thanksgiving can take a real concentrated effort.

It means controlling our thoughts- not letting discontent, envy, anger, etc stake a foothold in our lives.

It doesn’t mean we can’t process sorrow, grief, or just have a moment. God gave us the full spectrum of feelings. We don’t have to deny them their rightful place. But feelings weren’t made just to be felt...They were made for healing, for restoring us back to our Healer- the Redeemer of all things.

I do think if we humbled ourselves enough to trust and honor God with our thanksgiving even-and especially-when we don’t feel like it, we will most certainly reap a harvest of joy.

What are you thankful for?

Today I am thankful for 💗 walks in the snow with my boys/ baking experiments/ my son’s sense of humor and his sweetness/ fresh cream in my coffee/ the stack of books on my desk, brimming with anticipation over being read/ God’s patience with me/ late nights spent drawing. 💗

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