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Whole Creatures

We are far too easily persuaded to blame the pain and suffering of the world on a disinterested, unloving God.

But I believe in a God that is a far cry from such cynical notions.

I certainly know of His sovereignty and can see that He allows such things in the world. But that is an entirely different thing altogether.

I’ve often found, in my own experience, that the challenges of this life are a means by which to woo us. Some may say that is a cruel form of love, but only because we can barely fathom eternity.

Pain is often the only means in which He may capture our dug-in gaze that’s set across one path to be possibly (if we are willing) turned upon another.

That foreign road may be less glamorous and even dare us to shed ourselves of comfort, but it is abundant.

God does not stop at partial creatures. He aims to make us whole ones.

Thank God for that pressure, otherwise we’d be left to slop around in a hopeless mire.

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